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Advocate Spotlight Award - Dan Benedict 




D. Stephen Benedict is the Founder, Global Shield Teams Director and Executive Director at The Defender Foundation and Co-Founder of the Defender Task Force in both U.S. and European Union Headquarters.


In this capacity he has worked with Law Enforcement Agencies both Federal and Local in the U.S., and Globally. Stephen has trained, led, and fielded Rescue and Investigative Teams successfully, worldwide. He has also been instrumental in the development and training of Human Trafficking Rescue Teams for other organizations.


Stephen is also a Law Enforcement Officer in the European Union, based out of Greece, as well as serving with the Defender Task Force.


He is a U.S. Army Veteran who served in multiple units including the 2/327th Infantry of the 101st Airborne, 3/36th Infantry, 5/5th Calvary, of the 3rd Armored Division along with other military units.  Stephen has served in multiple leadership roles in both corporate and military environments.


Stephen is trained in small unit tactics which included logistics and counter-terrorism, and has qualified Expert with every weapon he ever had to qualify with. This started early with him competitively shooting in high school, obtaining the distinction of being a smallbore match Expert. Stephen is a CJSTC Florida Law Enforcement Academy graduate and ranked third in his class.


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D. Stephen Benedict

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