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Environmental & Medical Fallout

Task Force (EMF-TF)

Our goal is to educate the public regarding the health and environmental effects of the Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout of 2015.

David H. Nguyen, PhD
Cancer Biologist - Tissue Spatial Geometrics Laboratory
Sue A. Ingles, DrPH
Associate Professor - USC Keck School of Medicine
Jeffrey Nordella, MD
Practicing Physician - San Fernando Valley
Benzene and Heavy Metal Toxicity
Peter Weiss-Penzias, PhD
Researcher - UC Santa Cruz 
Atmospheric Mercury - Environmental Toxicology
David O. Carpenter, MD
Director - Institute for Health and the Environment 
University at Albany-SUNY
Volatile and Semi-Volatile Air Pollutants
Yarr (James) Wu, OD
Founder - Bring Sight Foundation

Videos & Articles About Aliso Canyon Gas Well

February 11, 2020 - Fox11 Los Angeles Interviews Matt Pakucko, Co-Founder of Save Porter Ranch
Packuko TV.jpg
2015 - Interview of Jennifer Tung, Poisoning Victim of Aliso Canyon
2018 - Reporter David Goldstein Interviews SoCal Gas About Uncertain Safety of Aliso Canyon

Educational Videos

Treatment Methods

Gas Blowout Health Problems

Environmental Science

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