"48 Hours" Show Highlights Work of Detective Don Howell on Kidnap-Rape Case

The show "48 Hours" on CBS will highlight a kidnap-rape case worked on by one of our Editorial Advisers, Detective Don Howell. The episode is entitled "I Lived To Tell."

[The air date for this episode has changed. Stay tuned for updates.]

Detective Howell was awarded the Advocate Spotlight Award from Cancer InCytes Magazine for his lifetime of work against sex predators who target children. See his award and read his articles for Cancer InCytes in the links below.

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Advocate Spotlight - June 2015 - Detective Don Howell http://www.cancerincytes.org/#!v4-iss1howellspotlight-award/cjj6 SELF-ENTITLED SEX OFFENDERS http://www.cancerincytes.org/#!v4-iss2howell/c1f3i

NOT JUST DNA: THE FIVE TRADEMARKS OF SEX OFFENDERS http://www.cancerincytes.org/#!not-just-dna-the-five-trademarks-of-sex/c1toh SEXUAL ABUSE - TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN http://www.cancerincytes.org/#!sexual-abuse--two-sides-of-the-same-coin/cyha

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