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World Vision’s Support Against Human Trafficking

By: Janice Tjeng

Edited by: Sharon Chin, MPH

{Comment in image is by the original author: Kate Thomas}

World Vision Australia is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization that helps children, families, and communities overcome poverty and injustice. Kate Thomas, a World Vision Youth Ambassador, recently visited a youth club in the Yen Bai Province of Northern Vietnam. It is common for families and children of the Yen Bai Province to migrate to the Chinese border for work due to a lack of job opportunities. Though migrating could provide families with more income, there is a high risk of labor trafficking if they do not know how to move safely.

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The youth club educates children about child trafficking and it is also a part of End Trafficking in Persons (ETIP). When asked by World Vision Youth Ambassadors about what they learned from attending the youth clubs, children replied that they learned about the importance of keeping their identification papers safe and to be careful of strangers. Local authorities should also be informed about any planned migrations. Through the knowledge they gained in a space where they are actively encouraged to participate, children become more confident and aware of their rights. The anti-trafficking awareness and training also extends to parents, local authorities and state officials.

Thomas thinks that it is important for children to know how to protect themselves because then, they would be less likely to be exploited for child trafficking.

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Janice Tjeng is a fourth year Biology major at the University of San Francisco. She is a Social Media Assistant at Cancer InCytes Magazine. She looks forward to applying to medical school where she can learn the skills to provide healthcare for disadvantaged people.



Thomas, Kate “How Australia’s Support is Preventing Human Trafficking.” World Vision, June 18 2015.

Date accessed, June 29 2015.

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