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San Francisco Black Film Festival Will Show Movie About Human Sex Trafficking of Young African Males

By: Charmaine Santos

This year’s San Francisco Black Film Festival will be playing a 25-minute movie called “Moses,” a story young African males who are sold into sex trafficking. In the movie, the main character, Moses, is a young Nigerian man who plays soccer better than most soccer in Nigeria. A white “sports agent” contacts him and convinces Moses’ father to let Moses travel to America to become a soccer star. Upon his arrival, Moses is taken to a party full of white men and passed around and raped numerous times. Moses is able to change his situation around when another person also being victimized helps him.

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Because sex trafficking of young African men is a topic that is rarely discussed, as well as one that seems to make many people uncomfortable, filmmaker Uzoma Okoro was compelled to write this film. He hopes that his movie will cause his audience to ask complicated questions of themselves, such as “Could there be a ‘Moses’ living next to me?” or “When is the last time someone sold me a dream that got me into a bad situation?”. Okoro shares that “only by personalizing [African male human trafficking] and feeling something will viewers be engaged and hopefully seek ways to take action against trafficking."

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Charmaine Santos is a junior at the University of San Francisco pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Biology as well as minors in Chemistry and Health Studies. She volunteers alongside UCSF medical students at a student-run homeless clinic in San Francisco and is also an active volunteer with Operation Access. Charmaine is also a Social Media Assistant at Cancer InCytes Magazine.



The People’s Minister of Information JR. (2015, June 7). “’Moses’ Tackles Human Sex Trafficking in Africa at the SF Black Film Fest This Year.” Retrieved June 12, 2015 from


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